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February Burlesque Carnival

Primavera Hotels 09/02/2023
It's February and with it comes the most fun time of the year, Carnival! Perhaps the most famous is the Venetian Carnival.

Venice was once in the spotlight thanks to its Carnival. It is said that it was in Venice that this festival officially came into being, and in a version very similar to the one we celebrate today.

It was born out of the need of the aristocratic classes to go out and mingle with the common people. Princes and nobles enjoyed themselves as much as the poorer population, who could publicly mock them without being able to know who they were, as their identity was hidden behind the masks. During the 18th century, the carnival reached its peak, with people from all over Europe flocking to the city. Some of the most famous carnivals in the world are Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Venice. However, it is also possible to make this celebration a very special day without leaving Benidorm.

In Primavera Park, on the 25th of February 2023 we will celebrate in our party room Exótico, our particular Burlesque Carnival.

The word "Burlesque" comes from the Italian: burlarsi or a "mockery", which means a joke. A mockery of the traditional notions of society at the time.

We will recreate a clandestine party set in the happy 1920s, in the Chicago of Prohibition, where gangsters and big businessmen hid from the police to gamble their large fortunes and do business while enjoying the best night-time cabaret atmosphere.

During the development of the party in our party room Exotic, in order to recreate the most authentic atmosphere, we will have burlesque shows, costume contest, Dj and many more surprises.

Don't hesitate to come and spend a fun night with us!

You can buy your ticket in advance with a drink included through our whatsapp +34. 650 76 11 17


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