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Primavera Park Latest News

Feel like a good sustainable traveler in Primavera Park

Travel forecasts predict an increase by 2031 and the most visited destinations will fill up with tourists at specific times of the year. Saturation is unstoppable. The only solution is to change the mentality and philosophy of life. Benidorm has managed to integrate its skyline of skyscrapers on the beachfront, with an efficient and environmentally friendly management model in a privileged environment.

In the last few years Primavera Park has made a major turnaround through a thorough restructuring of the hotel to meet the current needs of sustainability.

We are located in a unique enclave where nature and landscape are part of our attraction. All our rooms are designed to be a real oasis of peace. Therefore, not only will you have the opportunity to enjoy the views of the Puig Campana mountain or the sea from the terrace, but you will also be able to rest peacefully.

We are a sustainable building, where the rooms are orientated to get the maximum number of daylight hours. We are very proud because in order to achieve this, we have carried out actions such as:

- The use of renewable energies to cover part of our energy consumption. We have recently installed solar photovoltaic panels which are allowing us to obtain clean energy in our hotel.

- We have implemented automatic economiser systems water supply. We installed all the automated taps in the rooms and communal areas.

- Use of lighting with LED technology bulbs throughout the hotel to reduce consumption.

- Domotisation of the building with the use of presence sensors in corridors. to control lighting or air conditioning when there are no guests indoors.

- In our aim to reduce emissions and create a smoke-free environment, we want to encourage the use of electric cars. We have therefore installed electric car chargers. Thanks to the electric charging points we have installed, it is possible to refuel with clean energy..

- We promote tips such as spacing out towel changes, in order to achieve a more sustainable environment, because raising awareness among our customers to reduce the negative impact is part of our philosophy..

- We have an aerothermal system with heat recovery designed to provide cooling, heating and water heating.. Heat recovery technology provides hot water without additional electricity consumption.

- We manage the different types of waste, recycling cardboard, plastic, used cooking oils, etc.

At Primavera Park we are firmly committed to the environment. We are very aware of the value of the environment in which we carry out our activities, as we are located in a dreamlike natural environment and we know that it is one of our great attractions that must be preserved.

Won't you be comforted by staying with us?
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February Burlesque Carnival

It's February and with it comes the most fun time of the year, Carnival! Perhaps the most famous is the Venetian Carnival.

Venice was once in the spotlight thanks to its Carnival. It is said that it was in Venice that this festival officially came into being, and in a version very similar to the one we celebrate today.

It was born out of the need of the aristocratic classes to go out and mingle with the common people. Princes and nobles enjoyed themselves as much as the poorer population, who could publicly mock them without being able to know who they were, as their identity was hidden behind the masks. During the 18th century, the carnival reached its peak, with people from all over Europe flocking to the city. Some of the most famous carnivals in the world are Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Venice. However, it is also possible to make this celebration a very special day without leaving Benidorm.

In Primavera Park, on the 25th of February 2023 we will celebrate in our party room Exótico, our particular Burlesque Carnival.

The word "Burlesque" comes from the Italian: burlarsi or a "mockery", which means a joke. A mockery of the traditional notions of society at the time.

We will recreate a clandestine party set in the happy 1920s, in the Chicago of Prohibition, where gangsters and big businessmen hid from the police to gamble their large fortunes and do business while enjoying the best night-time cabaret atmosphere.

During the development of the party in our party room Exotic, in order to recreate the most authentic atmosphere, we will have burlesque shows, costume contest, Dj and many more surprises.

Don't hesitate to come and spend a fun night with us!

You can buy your ticket in advance with a drink included through our whatsapp +34. 650 76 11 17
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Digital Nomads

The days go by and you continue to work from a corner of your house in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter. And it is there, in the middle of the day, when you imagine better views, the sound of the sea and new adventures awaiting you at the end of the day.

Why work from home when you can work from the Spanish Mediterranean?

In Benidorm you will find everything you need without the crowds of big cities, you will be attracted by its beautiful beaches and fantastic microclimate all year round. Live, work and enjoy the relaxed pace of Spanish life in comfort.

It is the best place for outdoor sports due to its marvellous beaches and its natural spaces that are pleasant after work. Due to its rugged terrain, it is the ideal place for mountain biking. Serra Gelada, Sierra Cortina, Puig Campana, Sierra Bernia and Sierra Aitana are some of the most popular mountains for bikers or for hiking.

Why choose Primavera Park?

It is an urban oasis in the centre of Benidorm, one of the most advanced in terms of internet connectivity and teleworking facilities. The hotel is close to everything you might need, restaurants, cafes or shops. Our reception will recommend you the places you'll love to visit: your favourite café, the best bar, the most delicious restaurant in the area, etc...

In our rooms you will feel at home, where you will have everything you need to work. We recommend our Deluxe rooms, they have a comfortable atmosphere, suitable for work with a living room separate from the main bedroom. The ideal space to work in a variety of ways, from sitting at the table to lying in bed.

You will have everything you need to work with free unlimited high speed internet, chairs, table and even a sofa, fridge, coffee maker, numerous plugs and all this with the best views from its sunny terrace. A hotel you can call home, where light invades everything.

You can take a break and practice water sports such as sailing, paragliding, kite surfing, kayaking, cable skiing or scuba diving. Dive into a world of possibilities! If you dare, you can go water skiing, monoskiing, figure skiing or the latest highlight: wakeboarding.

Head up to our Selvático terrace to take a break or watch the sunset. Relax by swimming in our oasis pool and Chill-Out terrace, the best place to rest, sleep in the sun in our hammocks or Balinese beds. Can you think of a better place to unleash your creativity?

And don't forget to stop by our gym on the ground floor, there's no better way to get in shape.
The hotel also has several meeting rooms that can be rented by the hour or by the day, making it perfect for organising small team meetings. We make your work easier with our copy, print and fax service.
We have the best long stay offers for you. We have discounts in our restaurant and laundry service.

If you are tired of the rhythm of a big city and you are looking for a different work experience, Primavera Park is the place for you. Don't hesitate to consult our offers and work with us. Don't think twice, make your office an oasis, it's in your hands!

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Holidays in the center of Benidorm without worries!

One of the things that we all like to do the most is to enjoy the outdoors doing activities with our friends and family where we can recover lost time. Benidorm has unbeatable environmental conditions, thanks to the Serra Gelada Natural Park and the surroundings offered by the Bernia and Puig Campana mountains, as well as its 7 kilometers of coastline bathed by the Mediterranean.

There is a need to care for and respect our planet that we have internalized. We worry about recycling, saving water, or replacing our vehicle with an electric car. They are small grains of sand that together can make a big difference.

Recently the number of electric cars has increased significantly.

Driving an electric car in Benidorm helps our air to be more purified. It is everyone's responsibility that our wonderful beaches continue to be cared for.

Benidorm is the dream of many travelers to enjoy a pleasant day at the beach and the wide range of services, leisure and recreation that it has. At Primavera Park we are very aware that you are also very careful with the environment, which is why we have public and private parking with charging points for electric cars in Benidorm. We have semi-fast smart chargers with a maximum charging power of 22 Kw/400V in alternating current, with a type 2 base connector.

When you are thinking of buying an electric car, one of the main fears is finding areas where you can recharge it. But that's what Primavera Park is for! We have installed these charging points in our public/private parking so that it is not an inconvenience when you bring your car to Benidorm. We like to make things easy for you!

Come and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea, the highest mountain in Alicante, the Puig Campana, from our wonderful Jungle or Exotic Bar, while you charge your electric car in the heart of Benidorm. You will be able to be totally relaxed having a cocktail, more knowing that your car is well cared for. Do you have an electric car model and do you like to come to Benidorm? Don't be afraid of running out of battery. Our friendly reception will give you the necessary instructions so you can load your car.

Do you want a vacation in an oasis in the center of Benidorm and also eco-friendly? Primavera Park is the best option for you and your electric car. Enjoy a healthy environment, our public and private parking with electric charge.

We will be delighted to welcome you!
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The Primavera Park hotel takes care of the planet


The Primavera Park hotel, recently inaugurated after a spectacular and comprehensive reform, continues with its desire to adapt to the current needs of sustainability and social and environmental well-being and, for this reason, it has just completed the installation of its recharging car park for electric cars , as a gesture in the fight against Climate Change and its effects.

We feel really satisfied and proud to have undertaken the necessary work to provide the Hotel with EIGHT recharging points with the financial support of the European Community within the MOVES III program, with the aim of achieving savings in tons of oil of 38.9 toe/year and the reduction of 106.82 tons per year in CO2 emissions.

Climate change is something that should concern us all and the Primavera Park hotel, the tourism sector and society as a whole must respond accordingly.

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We take care of the world, we take care of you...

Being ecological is a trend, for this reason the Hotel Primavera Park in its commitment to a green future has obtained the subsidy corresponding to the Incentive Program for Efficient and Sustainable Mobility (MOVES III).
With this subsidy, the Primavera Park Hotel seeks, once again, to be 100% responsible with the environment and its purpose is the implementation of electric vehicle recharging infrastructures within the incentive program linked to electric mobility, within the framework of the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.
Thanks to the support guaranteed by the European Union and through the financing of the European Union-NextGenerationEU , the financial support of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE . Aid also provided in collaboration with the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness through the Generalitat Valenciana, IVACE, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.
The objective of the Hotel Primavera Park is to promote the implementation of electric vehicle recharging infrastructures, thus promoting the reduction of CO2 emissions, the improvement of air quality, the diversification of energy sources in transport as well as energy savings. .
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Hotel Primavera Park takes care of the environment

The Primavera Park Hotel, thanks to the support guaranteed by the European Union, and through the European Regional Development Fund, has obtained one of the largest subsidies given by the European Economic Community for its commitment during the integral reform of the building, to sustainability, efficiency and energy rehabilitation.

This grant is undoubtedly another example of the company's commitment to the Benidorm tourism market and, specifically, to sustainable and innovative projects that promote and highlight the benefits of hotel sustainability and ensure that the hotel plant in Benidorm continues to maintain its high standards.

In addition to support from la Unión Europea and the Feder Funds, the financial, support of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, IDAE, has been fundamental because our project has been selected in the "Multiregional Operational Programme of Spain 2014-2020", (POPE). Aid also provided by the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness through the Generalitat Valenciana. In addition, a very important role has been played by the intervention of the "Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan", used to help channel funds earmarked by the EU, among other things, for reforms, investments and to help build a more sustainable future.

The Primavera Park hotel seeks economic profit while taking care of the way in which it is achieved, taking into account the employees and without neglecting the environment in which the activity is carried out, offering the Benidorm traveller the best experiences, without losing quality and comfort, but making a responsible use of resources and thus caring for the environment.

The hotel is equipped to reduce electricity consumption thanks to the good insulation of the rooms, domestic hot water (DHW) installations, LED lighting throughout the building, movement sensors in the staff areas and in the corridors of the rooms to avoid unnecessary consumption, among many other cutting-edge specifications.

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We get pretty!

The Primavera Park hotel is preparing to open its doors. After months of rehabilitation and a comprehensive reform, we are getting closer to being able to open our doors and offer our clients a completely new hotel, with new facilities, new services and our desire to serve and pamper all our clients.

We want to open and calves here so much that we can't stop counting the days!!! We have been preparing everything for 8 months and immersed in such a special reform that we are sure it will leave you speechless. New rooms, doubles, family rooms, apartments, penthouses... all of this allowing light and nature to welcome you to your new home.

What will you find when you arrive?
Well, we can't tell you everything, we must leave room for surprises, but we can tell you that you can enjoy:

Our Oasis Bar, where you can cool off, eat, drink right next to our main pool and its entire area of hammocks and Balinese beds

A wonderful buffet restaurant where you can enjoy the best market food and international dishes, an excellent wine list and a live food station that will delight everyone.

A new dance hall, where you can enjoy live shows and the best music in an elegant and groundbreaking atmosphere

And also… something is being prepared on our roof terrace… something that will leave you amazed and that we are sure will be the new place of reference to meet in Benidorm… And for proof…! A button!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you very, very soon…
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Primavera Park participating in the Tourism Competitiveness Program

The competitiveness of tourist destinations depends on the ability of their industry to innovate and permanently improve the quality of their products, which is why the Primavera Park hotel is part of the Tourism Competitiveness program to improve technological innovation and give a better service to your customers.

Primavera Park SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them and thanks to which it has developed a migration system project Restoration ERP to cloud-based model, in the month of March.

For this, it has had the support of the 2023 Tourism Competitiveness Program of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce.

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